Is Clixsense Scam? My Full Review

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Hello everyone, Ringo here….

This is my detailed review about this earning opportunity in the internet called Clixsense (Not Clicksense). I will going to put my full honesty here without any misleads, fillers, flowery words and so on. This will be a straight and factual review. Expect some negatives here.

This is a full review, Click here to view the website.

First of all, what is Clixsense?

Clixsense is one of those Paid-to-click (PTC) websites where you can earn money by clicking on ads and will earn more by referring someone. Mostly of the PTC websites will make you earn more by referrals’ credited ads click.

In general, PTCs serve as a middleman between advertisers and online money seekers. They compensate members to view client’s advertisements and in order to stay in competition websites in the industry varies their earning scheme. To be honest, more than 90% of websites in this industry are scam. Maybe due to availability of PTC hosting platforms.

Now, is Clixsense scam?

Actually, Clixsense Inc. is one of those PTC sites who started this trend. Clixsense was born on 2007 and outlasted the competition (Mostly of pioneers were already closed) and until now, for me, remained the number 1. Still paying, innovating their system for members and clients and definitely not a scam.

Here are some of my Clixsense Payment Proofs:



Obviously, without further explanation, Clixsense is not a scam and based on my observations the possibilities of becoming scam is quite low.


Let me tell you a story…. I have this client who earns millions selling his own product and on our conversation he talked about Clixsense and how does this website helped him in promoting his stuff, that time, he didn’t know that I’m a member of this site. He also said that he will never stop from availing advertising clicks in this website. So, I can say, Clixsense is close to not running out of clients.

The simple systems of earning through this website differ from others. They make sure that it will be a win-win situation for them, members and clients. Specially to the members, they are very gallant.

Staying for that long in a tight industry is just a sign that a company or a website is stable.

A video proof that Clixsense is not a scam

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Here is a video of another member to show you that Clixsense is not a scam.

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Clixsense Earning Scheme

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Earn money to view ads

All PTC sites have this. When you view ads and have it credited, you will earn money.

Referral’s PTC Ads clicks

You will also earn from your referrals here. Once they clicked advertisements and got credited, you will also earn.

The Matrix System

Clixsense is not an ordinary PTC site. They don’t focus on earning through from your referral’s click. They will let everyone earn through their matrix system.

Their matrix system is when your earn through your referral’s upgrade. Meaning you will earn commissions once your referral upgraded and it’s up to 8 levels deep. Unlike any other PTC sites, will not going to limit your capabilities in having upgraded referrals.

From your first level referral, you will earn $2 USD while from the second up to 8 level, you will earn $1 dollar per upgrade. Do your computations now, not a Math graduate here (lol). But, for this forced matrix only the upgraded members are entitled to it. Free members can only earn from their first level referral’s upgrade ($2 USD).

This system is where are we going to earn the most.

Referrals Sign-up

This is only for upgraded members, once you referred someone from the site and have earned clicking on ads, you will be credited with a one time payment of $.5 dollar.

Advertising Sales

When your referrals bought advertisement, you will earn commission. However there must be a limit worth of ads before being credited. $50 for free members and $100 for upgraded. Both free and upgraded will earn 10% commission in every ads sales.


Earn by performing tasks and commissions when your direct referrals performed tasks.


The bad side and the good side of

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Well, despite that Clixsense is not a fraud, this one pays, it’s not exempted to downs. Despite this is a very good opportunity for us to earn unlimited money there are still negative sides.

The Good Side

Earning money from Clixsense is tremendous. As I said a while ago, unlimited income is not impossible through the system. From the force matrix alone, you can possibly earn tremendous amount of income.

Clixsense has proven themselves worthy. From the advertiser’s point of view. Client are guaranteed that their ads will be viewed well as the timer will stop when the viewer switched to another window.

That’s why Clixsense recently announced clients signing in for a guarantee ads for everyone.

They are also worthy on the eyes of the members as stated in the Clixsense Inc.’s earning scheme.

The Bad Side

Let us all admit it, earning specially online is not easy. The system will going to need your attention for you to earn more.

Clixsense is always vulnerable, in fact, the whole PTC industry is. What if the clients will just terminate their contract and members are not availing ads slot anymore? Despite this scenario is a far more worse than the worst, it is possible.

For free members who don’t have money to upgrade will earn a little.

Over all, Clixsense is a great opportunity

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From the time of it’s birth on 2007, Clixsense never failed to pay everyone their hard earned money.

At start, it’s very hard to cash-out earnings from them as they only pay through Check. But now, because they are now paying through check, Paypal, Alertpay and Liberty Reserve. It is now very easy to cash out earnings specially for those who are living outside United States.

From my point of view, is one of the greatest website in the paid-to-click industry from the start of the trend until now, with so much competition. Clixsense survived because of their innovation and dedication to provide opportunity seekers the best offers. Not the best system, the opportunities has it’s flaws, but compared to others they are on top.

A highly recommended website.

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