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You came here to this website probably checking if the online earning opportunity website Clixsense (not Clicksense) is a scam or not. Well, you came to the right place… this website is for Clixsense Review and I will be clearing out the air. I will answer the question: “is Clixsense legit or not?”

However, this website won’t sugarcoat anything… expect some negatives because Clixsense is not perfect.

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First of all, what is Clixsense?

A former Paid-to-click website, Clixsense is now in the Pay-per-activity industry. You will earn money and incentives by answering surveys, performing client tasks, accepting offers, and many more.

We’ll talk about the aforementioned ways to earn later.

Now, is Clixsense scam or not?

The answer is NOT! Definitely, it is not a scam! Clixsense is a paying website. Though its business model changed in 2017, this website had paid and has been paying its members since 2007. It’s actually one of the pioneers in the PTC industry and has since kicked the competition and fed its competitors some dust.

Check out some of my Clixsense payment proofs:

Clixsense Payment
$239.61 from Clixsense.
$71.14 from Clixsense.
$21.74 from Clixsense

Video About Clixsense


About 90% of websites offering paid surveys are a scam. Well, Clixsense belongs to 10% and based on my experience, it pays the highest. This company pays from $0.5 up to $3.00 surveys for money.

Surveys Clixsense
Surveys available. Check out how pricey they are.

However, surveys are rare especially for newcomers and they are time-consuming. I once experienced answering a 30-minute survey.

There is also this frustrating part. There are times that you will carefully answer a survey and will end up with a note that the client already received that needed number of participants. I think Clixsense should be aware of this because it wastes the ample time of the users.


Based on my observations, this is the mode where many of the users earn. I know someone who will spend the whole day performing tasks and she’s very good at it. She now has her own laptop with the funds 100% coming from Clixsense.

Tasks on my dashboard.

This just means that the longer you perform tasks the more you will have on your dashboard.

Some of the tasks include “drawing boxes on fashion icons,” “checking company’s Glassdoor and Owler account,” “Checking if a Linkedin user’s account changed” and many more.

This way honors patient users. There is a ranking that determines for the higher-paying jobs.  Again, this means that the longer and more patient you perform tasks no matter how small the pay is, the bigger the chances you will have for the higher-paying tasks.

This mode pays low… there are clients who pay $.01 for a time-consuming task.


Clixsense offers monetary rewards and incentives when you accept an offer. This includes subscribing to the email list, downloading an application, booking flights, watching videos, using shopping vouchers, and many more one can think of.

Clixsense Offers
Available offers.

This mode is not for me because I easily get annoyed with spams in my email and most of the offers are like that. The payments are also too small.

Affiliate Program

This is the best part… you will earn more by referring people to the website.

How? By means of commissions. When your referral answered a survey or performed a task, you will earn cents. Just imagine having thousands of referrals and hundreds of them answered surveys.

I don’t usually perform tasks and answer surveys but this mode is my life-saver.

What I love in the new business model is the equal opportunity for all users. The company removed the upgrade system, which separates those who can pay the upgrade fee to those who cannot. So now, we are all fair and square.


Though Clixsense is one heck of a website especially for people who are industrious in promoting their affiliate links, it also has its disadvantages.

One disadvantage is the hard ways to cash out earnings to your bank accounts especially if you are residing outside America or Canada because Clixsense only pays through Dwolla, Payoneer, Skrill, Tango Card and check. Banks impose large fees in remittances that’s why it’s sure that your earnings will be lesser when it reached your bank account.

Paypal is a good way to cash out. However, the company terminated the account of Clixsense in 2017 because of its updated terms and conditions concerning the PTC industry. It’s not clear if Clixsense will have Paypal in the future.









Clixsense is one great opportunity to earn. Just like any other business models, online or offline, you have to work yourself out in order to earn a tremendous amount of money.

Try this, this website won’t let you down.

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